This home cook makes fabulous, mouth-watering and tasty birthday and wedding cakes, traditional Filipino breads, sweets and the sumptuous meal that makes every celebration more special from his very own kitchen in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 



Special Ensaymada
Special Ensaymada with Ube (Purple Yam) buttercream frosting and Ube (Purple yam) Jam

Red Velvet

Special Ensaymada
Special Ensaymada with buttercream frosting and crushed red velvet cake


Special Ensaymada
Special Ensaymada with buttercream frosting and grated edam cheese

Dulce de Leche

Special Ensaymada
Special Ensaymada with buttercream frosting and Dulce de Leche


Special Ensaymada
Special Ensayamada with buttercream frosting and crushed Oreos


Special Ensaymada
Special Ensaymada with chocolate buttercream frosting and Nutella

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Please be aware of your allergies because our baked products contain lactose and gluten by-products. As much as we would like to serve you allergens-free products, we are still coming up with the best recipe for you at the moment. It would be sad to see you suffer from your allergies, so we cannot help you in that matter as of now or after the effect of your allergies emerged.

We do require a minimum purchase worth of €30 in order to process your order.  Your orders are prepared, baked and sent or available within 3 working days (weekends and Holidays are not included) upon receipt of payment. We prefer you pay via the available online methods.

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